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Sales is from Mars. Marketing is from Venus. Or are they?

June 09, 2022 Experience Leader Season 2 Episode 20
Experience Leader
Sales is from Mars. Marketing is from Venus. Or are they?
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Welcome to the Experience Leader podcast, and to this episode brought to you by Active Digital!  Do you want to de-commoditize your products and services?  Do you want to become a destination brand, increase your revenue, and have more control over your pricing?  If so, you're in the right place! Each week, we'll talk about how to create great customer experience and how to orient your company to enable them.  In today's episode, hosts Devin and David unpack the idea that sales is from Mars and marketing is from Venus. 

At almost any given company, the tendency for the sales team is to feel like marketing is not doing their best, and vice versa. This can lead to pressure for teams to end up behaving in a way that isn’t in line with the best interest of the customer, and therefore the company. Individually, each of these groups struggle with short term vs. long term, which often ends up with each side feeling they are in opposition with one another. One of the biggest issues within enterprises is having marketers who don’t see how their actions impact sales. However, both sales and marketing should understand that they share the same end goal: helping the customer buy. 

While it’s necessary to have a method behind the madness of marketing, this isn’t just limited to the number of calls made or how the conversations went. Rather, it needs to be measured by asking ourselves if we are helping customers be more educated on the service and understand how we can be of value to them before they ever make a final decision. Having a goal number to shoot for to incentivize ourselves to grow can be good, but it’s important not to wind up too focused on the numbers. There is the question of looking at these teams and how they operate, and then there is also the question of leadership. Representatives from any field of a company must have a clear vision of who their customer is and what their expectations may be at every touchpoint. Leadership and company culture is really where this all begins. 

As a marketer, you hold a unique ability to expand someone’s mind by helping them consider other possibilities rather than the ones they already know. The beauty of understanding what somebody is trying to achieve is that you can actually introduce solutions for them to solve their problems at hand. Once the door is open, it is prime time for marketing. Moving forward, Devin and David predict that the line between sales and marketing will continue to blur as people tend to do more research and shopping without human contact. Similarly, we will find that sales will have to be involved in the process of educating without contact.  


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